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Center of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies  

The Centre of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (CECP) is a supporting unit under the Secretary General’s Office, in charge of training and studies in parliamentary subjects intended for Congress members, officials, professional staff, technicians and auxiliary personnel.

Therefore, the CECP conducts training and education activities such as online and in-person courses, seminars, workshops, and lectures, among others, in order to improve the professional development of the staff involved in parliamentary work. Thus, it intends to strengthen the institutional framework of the Congress and of the representative democracy in our country.

It offers the following programs and activities:

  1. Training and specialization program
    • Workshops and lectures.
    • Online courses (Latin America version and Peruvian version)
    • International seminars.
  2. Program of high parliamentary studies
    • Scholarships.
    • Master’s program in parliamentary studies and democracy.
  3. Outreach program and publications
    • “Parliamentary Notebooks”.
    • Books and documents on legislation.
  4. Program of academic research and studies
    • Applied studies.
    • Academic research. 
  5. Our main theme areas of interest are the following:
    • Parliamentary law and legislative procedures.
    • Constitutional law and procedure.
    • Political science and theory.
    • Electoral systems, political representation systems, and political parties.
    • Public policy.
    • Political sociology.
    • Legislative sociology.
    • Administrative law.
    • Public international law, human rights law, and humanitarian international law.
    • Legal reasoning.
    • Public management.
    • Economy, history and other social sciences related to parliamentary work.

Other relevant fields

Website: http://www.congreso.gob.pe/CECP

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