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The Printing and Publishing Office is in charge of the publication of books, which shall contribute to expanding citizens’ reflection on cultural, political and national topics. The books bring a deserved recognition to the different cultural traditions and personalities of Peruvian history.

This Office publishes documentation about legislative and oversight function of Congress. Furthermore, the Printing and Publishing Office gives printing priority to texts aimed to the formation of a Peruvian school of thought.

The production of this office may be divided into six areas:

Visions of Peru

It shows a synopsis and some images of Peru at the present time.


It pays homage to the most important ethnic communities, personalities and institutions of Peru.

Peruvian Thought

It highlights the works of authors, whose thought has been decisive to create new approaches to Peruvian reality.
Juridical Studies
It publishes national legal and constitutional topics.

Parliamentary Documents

It disseminates the works of congressional committees and texts related to legislation business.

The Congress of the Republic and the Inquisition in Peru

It presents different topics of the history, institutional development of Congress and the Inquisition in Peru.

The Printing and Publishing Office also organizes recognition ceremonies, colloquia, and lectures on issues of national interest. The sale of books represents an income or this office. This income is earmarked for the preparation of new publications.


E-mail: fondoeditorial@congreso.gob.pe

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