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The Museum of the Congress and the Inquisition has the mission to investigate, preserve, exhibit and disseminate the history of the Congress of the Republic and the cultural heritage under its care. Currently, as provided for by the Bureau of Congress by Bureau Agreement No. 139-2016-2017/MESA-CR, it includes two museums:

  1. The Museum of Congress and the Inquisition

The Museum of Congress and the Inquisition was established on July 26, 1968. It is located on the fifth block of Jr. Junín in downtown Lima. It operates in the former premises of the National Senate, which during the Spanish Viceroyalty had been the seat of the Inquisition Tribunal.

The building is a National Monument and is a part of the country's cultural heritage. In addition, it has been linked to the Congress of the Republic since the days of the first Constituent Congress of Peru, when Members met in their rooms, including many Deputies. Then, it was the seat of the National Senate until 1939, the year in which that Legislative Chamber was moved to the Legislative Palace. Shortly afterwards, it was the home for the Public Library of the Chamber of Deputies (1943) and, finally, for the Museum of Congress (1968 to date).

  1. The National Afro-Peruvian Museum

The National Afro-Peruvian Museum was inaugurated on June 4, 2009. It is located on Jr. Ancash No. 562, in downtown Lima. It is in a colonial property called The House of Thirteen Coins. In its rooms, you may learn about the history of Afro-descendants, from the time of their arrival in Peru during colonial times to the present time as well as their contributions to the formation of our national identity and the progress of Peru.


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