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Parliamentary Friendship Groups are groups of Members who advocate close relationships between the Peruvian Congress and the national parliaments of other countries. Their purpose is to foster the dialogue, the cooperation, and the consultation between parliaments on topics of mutual concern, as well as support the continued exchange of information and experience of parliamentary nature among legislators of other countries.

The minimum number of Members to form a Friendship Group is five. They must be active Members of the Congress, although former Members may also join the group if they have any relationship with the countries whose friendship group they want to join.

Once a friendship group is formed, it may accept more members by sending the written notice to the Executive Council, which, in turn, will notify the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Every friendship group shall have the following organs:

  1. General Assembly
  2. Executive Committee

The General Assembly is the main deliberative organ of the Friendship Parliamentary Group. It meets at least once a year by a call made by the chair of the Executive Committee. He also convenes extraordinary sessions on his own right or by request of no less than fifth of active members. The quorum of sessions in the first sitting is the half-plus-one number of active members, while the quorum of the second sitting is any number of attendees.

The General Assembly is made up of the whole membership of the group, and their decisions are made by consensus. Its main function is to outline the general policy of the group, and program their activities in coordination of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Congress.

The Executive Committee is the representative organ of the Group, and its purpose is to implement the decisions and agreements of the General Assembly. It is made up of a chair, a vice-chair, two directors, and a secretary.





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