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Parliamentary General Directorate

The Parliamentary General Directorate is an executive organ of the Congress of the Republic, in charge of providing specialized advice for the best performance of parliamentary work. This includes the processing of a bill to become a law, the congressional oversight function, and the function of political representation.

The PGD is made up of the following units:

  1. Parliamentary Research and Documentation Department
    • Library Area
    • Research & Budget Follow-up Area
    • Statistics Area
  2. Journal of Debates Drafting Department
    • Minutes Drafting Area
    • Transcriptions Area
    • Recordings Area
  3. Committee Department
    • Political Control Area
    • Legislative Technique Area
  4. Proceedings Report & Agenda Department
    • Proceedings Report & Agenda Area
    • Parliamentary Information Requests Area
    • Parliamentary Auxiliary Services Area
  5. Document Management Department
    • Document Processing & Digitalization Area
    • Document Filing Area
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