Official list of Members of Congress

The Plenary Assembly is the highest deliberative assembly of the Congress, which is composed of duly sworn-in Members of Congress, and it works under quorum and procedure rules as set forth in the Constitution and the Congressional Standing Rules. In this Assembly, a wide range of legislative business is debated and voted upon, in accordance with constitutional, legal and statutory rules.

At the commencement of each annual term of sessions, parliamentary groups and the Cabinet shall submit a proposal, specifying matters or bills they deem to be appropriate to debate and pass in the course of such a term of sessions.  The Plenary Assembly shall vote on the inclusion of these bills in the calendar, placing only those approved by a simple majority. The debate of these bills shall have priority during the Committee stage and in the Plenary Assembly, except as provided for in Article 105 of Constitution and it shall not prevent other bills from being reported and debated.

(Paragraph added pursuant by Legislative Resolution of Congress 011-2001-CR,  published  on Octuber. 13th, 2001).

SOURCE: Technical Secretary of the General Secretary


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