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(Official list of Parliamentary Groups)

Parliamentary Groups are composed of Members of Congress, who share common or similar ideas and interests.  These groups shall abide by the following rules:

  1. Political parties and coalitions that have representatives in Congress shall constitute a Parliamentary Group, provided that they have a minimum number of five Members. (item amended by Legislative Resolution of Congress No. 005-2015-2016-CR, published on July 9th, 2016)
  2. If political parties or coalitions do not reach the minimum number mentioned in paragraph 1, they may be considered as a Special Parliamentary Group only for the purpose of submitting bills, except when two or more groupings join in order to form a Parliamentary Group.
  3. In no case shall Members of the same party form a separate Parliamentary Group.
  4. Each Parliamentary Group shall adopt its own rules of procedure, which will be followed by all its members.

Parliamentary Groups must be registered at the Secretariat General. Based on the number of their members, they shall be entitled to have staff, resources and offices for the proper fulfillment of their duties.

Each Parliamentary Group shall elect their representatives (regular and substitute members) to the governing bodies provided for in the Standing Rules, notifying in writing of such appointments to the Secretariat Office.  They also shall nominate candidates for the Bureau and Committees.   Furthermore, they shall have the power to introduce a legislative proposal pursuant to Article 76 of the Standing Rules of Congress.  The documents related to the election of the representatives must be signed by at least half plus one of members, who belong to the Parliamentary Group.


(Amended article pursuant to Congress Resolution 025-2005-CR, July 21, 2006)




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