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The Standing Committees shall be in charge of the study and report of routine business of the calendar, especially in the legislative and oversight functions. The President of Congress, in coordination with Parliamentary Groups or upon consultation with the Executive Council, shall propose the number of Standing Committees in correspondence with the Executive departments. Notwithstanding this, the following committees shall always be established:

  1. Committee on Agriculture
  2. Committee on Science, Innovation, and Technology
  3. Committee on Foreign Trade and Tourism
  4. Committee on Constitutional Matters and Rules (item amended by Legislative Resolution No. 015-2003-CR, published on November 15, 2003)
  5. Committee on Culture, and Cultural Heritage
  6. Committee on Consumer Defense and Regulatory Agencies of Public Services
  7. Committee on National Defense, Homeland Security, Alternative Development and Fight against Drugs
  8. Committee on Decentralization, Regionalization, Local Governments and Modernization of State Management
  9. Committee on Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence
  10. Committee on Education, Youth, and Sports
  11. Committee on Energy and Mines
  12. Committee on Oversight and Control
  13. Committee on Social Inclusion and Persons with disabilities
  14. Committee on Intelligence
  15. Committee on Justice and Human Rights
  16. Committee on Women and Family
  17. Committee on  Budget & General Account of the Republic
  18. Committee on Production, Micro and Small Business, and Cooperative Banks (item amended by Legislative Resolution No. 009-2007-CR, published on October 17, 2007)
  19. Committee on Andean, Amazon, African Peruvian peoples, Environment and Ecology
  20. Committee on Foreign Relations
  21. Committee on Health and Population
  22. Committee on Labor and Social Security
  23. Committee on Transportation and Communications
  24. Committee on Housing and Construction

Other congressional committees shall be made up based on the different departments in charge of the Government Departments, and other matters relevant for the nation.

  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2001-CR, published on August 8th, 2001).
  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2002-CR, published on August 7th, 2002).
  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2003-CR, published on August 6th, 2003).
  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2005-CR, published on August 6th, 2005).
  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 025-2005-CR, published on July 21st, 2006).
  • (Subparagraph amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2006-CR, published on August 6th, 2006).
  • (Item amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2006-CR, published on August 6th, 2006).
  • (Item amended. Congress Resolution Nº 001-2011-CR, published on August 7th, 2011).

(Article amended by the Plenary of the Congress on March 06th, 1998)


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